Hardware Supply & E-commerce

Solsys is a global entity dealing in the distribution of IT hardware & accessories. We have shared three houses in three main countries United States, United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates, which allows us to quickly connect and provide products that can be difficult to find with any other companies.

Our prices are competitive, and the materials are guaranteed for a long time and the materials are tested before shipment to ensure their safety We have a partnership with international shipping companies to help us deliver products as quickly and safely as possible.

Product checking and Inspection & Shipping Key points:

  • Packages and cargo material health check.
  • Devices accessories and Attachments check are available.
  • Provide logistics alternative and best solution for our customer.

Supply services

  • Our expert engineers at Solsys works eagerly to provide the best solution for the global IT eco-system.
  • Servers: SOLSYS has an extensive array of products including of servers, storage and networking devices in collaboration with some of the giant manufactures like Cisco, Dell, IBM, HP
  • Network Storage units: We at Solsys understand that the minimization of paper-work in the past 20 years has changed the way we document and store information.
    Solsys offers quality storage mediums for all applications produced by the biggest platforms in the IT industry like Dell EMC, Lenovo, HP, IBM and etc.
  • Computer Networks: Make your network simple and efficient with Solsys Technologies. Our inventory of networking equipment, such as Juniper, Cisco, Aruba, and Brocade (includes routers, switches) products, and other topmanufacturer machines, allows you to easily deploy security protocols.
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